The Twitter verse is a small world

Shouting in to the wind.

Robert Carlson


If a Twitter account has a million or more followers it is probably because its owner is some celebrity level persona who get followers merely be existing.

These people started out well known and famous and the followers materialize as soon as the account went live.

It is important to understand that there is little similarity among the demographic other than their propensity for following celebrity accounts.

The content of the tweets are basic and convey little more than a visual sound bite like “today I sneezed” and 34,565 people will LIKE it, 4,764 people will RT it and 6,351 will comment on it. In part the allure is being the first person in one’s small circle to be the one to mention it.

The connectivity dynamics of Twitter is if I Like your tweet, I get your attention. If you Like mine, you get my attention. Mostly it stops there. If either of us comments on the others tweet, there is a limited spread of our identities across the platform.

The real influence is when a RT takes place.

You and I are operating in the same mini-twitterverse. Let’s say I have 193 followers and you have 53k. If you grew that following organically, as opposed to buying 52k random handles, then there is a high probability that your list contains most if not all of the ones in my following. It’s just statistics. We have been marketing ourselves in the same neighborhood. It is only natural there would be a significant overlap.

What this means is my RT of your content generates negligible exposure for you. On the other hand when you with 53k organic followers RT my content, I can get a huge bump in my exposure. Unfortunately, if your followers don’t re-engage with my content shown to them by your RT then I get next to nothing. This is why purchased random accounts only make an account “look good” but do not perform.

When looking at who one should follow and engage with it is important to attempt to weed out the bots which respond to everything.

Tweet about tweet-bots

The annoying bots can be in your face and obvious. This is one of the “Lovely Content” bots that reply to every new post a person makes that contains an image.



Robert Carlson

Robert Carlson is a writer & photographer who has been active since the mid-1960s. His writing spans many genre & can be found in venues across the Internets.