The Bells Are Tolling, Mr. President

If you have to ask, you don’t want to know

The end of Donald Trump as President is already set in motion. The most that he can hope for is to delay the inevitable and accept a pardon from POTUS 46, whoever that is.

One has to understand that there are two types of criminality facing Mr. Trump. The one is crimes, improprieties and misdemeanors perpetrated AS President and those committed as private citizen Donald Trump prior to his 2017 Inauguration. While those earlier crimes may have gone unchallenged if he never entered the public arena as a candidate or elected official. Now they are part of the ongoing saga of his Administration. Mr. Trump has not sought to compartmentalize his behaviors into the two categories, private and public citizen. Indeed, he seems to have no sensitivity as to the differences.

As a private businessman, he could deny payment to contractors on the whim of his dissatisfaction. As a public official, there are rules to follow, precedents to consider. He could inflate his net worth to obtain bank and investor financing with impunity until one or more of them complained and was able to mount a lengthy expensive legal challenge. In his experience, he had the upper hand by virtue of being the one who paid the claims or not. He could wait. He could outlast the small guy who was already hurting for cash because he hadn’t been paid.

The US Congress is not that small contractor. They are the larger more powerful entity which will exert its power over the mere man, Donald Trump. Due to Trump’s acts, behaviors and statements, the US Congress has undertaken to seek out the truth about what he did to become President. That process is not one of a solitary man as is Mr. Trump but one of 536 men and women who represent 320 Million Americans. Their efforts have already taken on a life of their own and will not be stopped until the only conclusion is reached — Donald Trump leaves the Presidency.

Whether he is forced out, elected out or he self-opts out, he will continue to be dogged until that time. Now the stage has been set and we are past the 1st Act. This Tragedy in Three Acts will play out until the final curtain. There is no redemption. No RESET button. Democrats learned that technique from GOP obstruction of the entire Obama Administration. Hilary Clinton has been the object of GOP investigatory powers in excess of 30 years. They won’t relent. Even today Mr. Trump asserts both his “exoneration” by the Mueller Report and it’s time to investigate Clinton again.

Donald Trump’s business and personal life have been ones of standing dominoes next to each other. Eventually one will get knocked over and the whole mess will fall in succession. Up until now he has had willing partners and staff to catch wobbling tiles.

John Donne said it best with “No man is an island entire of itself…” The only way Trump has remained in the Oval Office is by the truculence of Mitch McConnell and the thin GOP majority in the Senate. In November 2020 there will be a showdown. Trumps only way out is if the GOP holds its majority. Even if Trump wins reelection, without a GOP Senate majority, he will face an onerous 2nd term. Meanwhile, New York and other states Attorneys General have dibs on his life and liberty on the day he leaves office in 1 or 5 years. The POTUS 46 certainly could pardon him for Federal wrongdoing, but the states can still mount their prosecutions. That will not be a good day for Donald.

When the bells are heard tolling, don’t ask.

Robert Carlson is a writer & photographer who has been active since the mid-1960s. His writing spans many genre & can be found in venues across the Internets.

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