Outer Crossing

The 3rd Book in the Crossing Series

Robert Carlson


by Robert3 Carlson

I’ve made OUTER CROSSING, the 3rd Book in the Crossing Series, available for pre-order on Amazon.

These books are a grand tour of Sci-fi in the quantum universe genre.

The publishing date is Oct 31, 2022. Go to the following to link to pre-order.


For those of you who have not yet read the first two parts, Internal Crossing and External Crossing are both available on my Author page. I think you will be intrigued with the characters and story line.

“Robert Corbin continues to meet versions of himself in this 3rd part of the Crossing Series. He has learned what is happening to the Past and that there are people and entities which seek to control the process. Nothing you can know is for certain any longer.”

About the Author:

Robert Carlson, aka Me, has been writing from a very early age. Somewhere around age 13 I started recording the thoughts I had and the experiences I went through. Granted most of that is not the kind of fare that anyone would be interested in reading, but over the years I have honed that narrative style that does provide for a consistent level of interest by the reader.

My first attempts at publishing resulted in nothing published but then eBooks and the Internets came along and some of that here-to-fore unpublished material found a new outlet.

My books cover existential fiction blended with a lot of true story. The first three volumes represent just the beginning. The backlog of material extends back in time 50 years. Readers will be spared most of that early “stuff” except as accents and punctuation in a larger more contemporary writing.

Along with my Left Brain language dominant thinking I also have a Right Brain image dominant thinking that is expressed in a prolific photography legacy. I hope to be able to properly format an eBook of some of the photographic themes that I have covered since 1971.

Along with the flights of fancy in the fiction, I also have a penchant for observation and the connecting of dots that reveal “The Principle of Imminent Collapse” and “It’s All Tuna!” Both are books that are yet to be made ready for publishing.

Meanwhile… enjoy the books that are available.

1st Book in the Series Internal Crossing

2nd Book in the Series External Crossing



Robert Carlson

Robert Carlson is a writer & photographer who has been active since the mid-1960s. His writing spans many genre & can be found in venues across the Internets.