Worst driving rain I’ve ever seen

For me that last week was more severe than any week ever before encountered. You see, my week involved driving from baltimore to Frankenmuth, Michigan (15 mi north of Flint) for a consulting job.

The first day of the week and first day of my week-long trek provided a torrential rain event while on I-70. It was the most intense deluge I had ever seen in my 52 years of driving. Wind whipped sheets of water obscured the view so much that I could not see the front end of my hood. The truck taillights I was using as a…

Ruminations of a Birdbrain

On The Street in the Rain

Seeing Janet laying there brought about uneasy feelings that I can’t quite explain. It was as though I had seen it all before, or experienced it before. I had seen a dog get run over by a car once, but that was different. He was being stupid. He used to run with Frederico and his ilk. Marty, I called him, loved being called by name, his or anyone’s. If you called out a name and no one stepped forward to respond, he did, with the expression on his face that you had called him and now you were supposed to…


Birdbrain look at you

Here I sit on my roost overlooking the street below. It’s my favorite roost at 18th and Smallman Street. My human intellect is wrapped in the body of a pigeon. How exactly it got here I do not know. I can remember many of the things that I did when I was human including the reading of the great and lesser philosophers and Hindu clerics who teach about the transmigration of the soul or speculate on its possibilities. Well I do want to say that all speculation is over.

From my view of the world several stories above the street…

People crave a sense of community

Nixon and Trump with Trump imitating Nixon.
Nixon and Trump with Trump imitating Nixon.
Nixon and Trump

We have seen a rise in the coordinated actions of disparate individuals who have been drawn together in Internet communities in recent years. These associations are only the technological extrapolation of previous century’s fraternal associations. In every era and in every country there have been people who did not fit squarely into a family where they received comforts, attention, food, shelter and could reciprocate with some measure of payment or in-kind contribution.

During the decades of large influxes of immigrants from Europe to America there were men who had skills to offer but did…

Not seeing the “alternate” of alternate reality.

FDR statue with his dog
FDR statue with his dog
FDR Memorial Quotation

When the word “games” is mentioned the natural inclination is to associate it with entertainment and the experience of having fun. Subsequently those two terms take on meanings which are specific to the person or group who experience the activities. For instance, some people watch a football game and find the bodily collisions and struggle to move an oddly shaped air bladder up and down a gridded field to score points at the end zone. Others, are left completely cold by the activity.

To some people, a circular ride on a merry-go-round in…

The meter points to Empty

orderly bricks progresing toward chaotic alignment
orderly bricks progresing toward chaotic alignment
Image: Robert Carlson

In America we have two concepts of information. One is the 1st Amendment of the Constitution that has been construed to means any person can say anything they want as protected since the government is restricted from making any laws limiting Free Speech. The other concept is that people in positions of governance shall conform to honest, factual and consistent information.

Elected official are not entitled to speak their opinions as fact and use their authority to impress upon the people policies and regulations based solely of that opinion. News media used to have to…

Will he become a permanent fixture in the public square?

Doomsday Clock v Trump

Immediately after the election of 2016 were Donald Trump was declared President-elect he announced his candidacy for reelection in 2020. In doing this maneuver he was able to preserve his practice of bi-weekly campaign rallies and provide himself with the perk of holding office and seeking office once again. It provided him with “time off” from the job to pursue a “legitimate” political endeavor while using Airforce One, Marine One and the SUV Beast for travel for self and entourage including family, media and security. …

If you are not part of the solution…

1) 2) 3)
1) 2) 3)

There are three ways to not get the COVID-19 virus. 1) block its transmission to your body with a physical barrier, distancing from people who might have it and staying away from frequented public venues. 2) become immune through vaccination. 3) stay lucky.

The reliance on #3 is a fools method since eventually it will fail even when initially effective. It’s the double or nothing fools gambling gambit. Try shuffling a deck of playing cards. Cut the deck each day and turn over the top card. If it is Black you are okay until the next day. If Red, you…

Few brands ever recover

“Trump Brands” gold lettering on a bark blue field
“Trump Brands” gold lettering on a bark blue field

Back in the days of his youth Donald Trump was flying high on his fame and fortune as a New York and international real estate developer. He had his hands in Office towers, hotels, casinos and golf courses spanning the globe. He was known for his self-made successes and extravagant lifestyle. He married beautiful women in succession and sired 5 children with them. As they grew up they were the darlings of the jetset and clung to the coat tails of their famous father.

Donald Trump built a brand around his name and alleged prowess at The Art of the…

The beginning and end of every Administration is etched in the Constitution

img: paid-shutterstock

It is fortunate that nobody has a say in the last day of a President’s term of office. The Constitution specifies the moment of termination as noon, January 20th in the calendar year following his (her) 1st or 2nd election. The text also provide for the succession plan should a duly elected president-elect cannot be sworn in to office at that time.

An incumbent president cannot over rule the specification and refuse to depart. At the stroke of noon, his authority magically disappears and reappears with his successor. No amount of whining and foot stomping can alter the transition. No…

Robert Carlson

Robert Carlson is a writer & photographer who has been active since the mid-1960s. His writing spans many genre & can be found in venues across the Internets.

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